A graduate of the University of Arizona, Tracy has fast tracked through the fashion industry with her positions of apothecary buyer for Kitson LA and merchandiser, Senior buyer and product developer for Forever21’s Global Women’s Apparel department. Her degree in Journalism and Communication has allowed her to excel on social media with witty captions and original content. Her work has been featured on Vogue.com, WhoWhatWear, Buzzfeed, Refinery29, Jimmy Kimmel, and on the apps of Kylie Jenner & Kim Kardashian.

With the launch of SHE JUST KNOWS in October 2015, Tracy now shares her talent for brand merchandising, styling, and product development with the world. With over 40k followers on social media and hundreds subscribers for her monthly Trend Forecast, Tracy's influence is now global. With clients from LA to Dubai, she is committed to advancing brands and developing their social media presence. Her creative consulting from styling to brand development and attention to client's unique needs are unmatched. 

To sum it up: trends come and go, but the innate ability to foresee the ebbs and flows of those trends does not. With a contagious sense of passion and conviction for her strategic and creative decisions, it’s hard to deny that SHE JUST KNOWS.