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Hey. I'm Tracy Nour Scheer.


I’m a fashion entrepreneur, influencer, trend forecaster, and now, the owner of an online shop.


Tracy Nour Scheer graduated from the University of Arizona and got right into the fashion industry. She began her career at the bottom, as a cashier at LA's famous Kitson LA boutique on Robertson Blvd. She quickly moved up to become the Beauty, Cosmetics, Skincare + Home and Gift buyer for their 14 locations and after 2 years, left to learn more about women's fashion. It was at Forever 21 that she become a Merchandiser, Senior Buyer and Product Developer for their Global Women’s Apparel department. Her work has been featured on, WhoWhatWear, Buzzfeed, Refinery29, Jimmy Kimmel, and on the apps of Kylie Jenner & Kim Kardashian West.

In October 2015, Tracy launched her social media agency, Scheer Social, where she works with the brands and influencers you know and love (and the ones you don't... yet) to grow and perfect their social media presence.

In the same year, Tracy started SHE JUST KNOWS™, which began as a lifestyle media company.  Through @shejustknows, Tracy shares her curations and inspiration, works as a consultant with brands and influencers, and shares her wealth of knowledge of the fashion industry. With an audience of roughly 50k followers on social media and thousands of subscribers to her newsletters, her influence is now global.

February 2019 marked the beginning of SHOP SHE JUST KNOWS, a highly curated online shop. What began as a one day, in-person pop up shop, has now turned into a full-fledged online store, due to an overwhelming request from followers who were unable to attend the original pop up.

With a goal to offer items that aren’t on the market at an affordable price, Tracy’s creativity translates into wearable and unique pieces as she makes and designs items for the shop. Tracy works with a team of local seamstresses to create custom, one-of-one, apparel and accessories that you won’t find anywhere else. She also sources vintage home decor, as well as vintage designer goods. If the item lists that it’s 100% authentic, it certainly is. Otherwise, it’s handmade by Tracy and her team in Venice, CA.

Tracy currently lives in Marina del Rey, California, with her husband, John, and their Min Pin, Rami. 

Want to know more? Let’s chat!